The dog days of summer are upon us!


Getting in the last few beach days, starting back to school shopping and firewood for the winter….

Lancaster seasoned wood

Well at least that is what is on our minds this time of year. Throughout the month, we will continue taking orders, preparing the delivery trucks, sorting and creating delivery routes for firewood season.

Q: What kind of wood is it?

A: We process large quantities of tree length logs into a high-grade firewood product. Our wood is mixed species of deciduous hardwood product consisting of mostly oak due to its dominance in the area. Our firewood also may contain hickory, maple, ash, birch, etc.

Q. I have a very small wood stove. Can you make firewood to fit?

A. YES! We utilize a Multi-tek 2040XP to process log length wood into cut and split firewood. Our crew can us the processor to cut the wood to a specific length. The smallest length is 12” with the longest length being 36” in length. Our machine utilizes a 6-way splitting maul.


Q. That bug is in the Worcester area. I don’t want that bug here! Where is your wood from?

A. That bug is an Asian Longhorned Beetle. The federal, state and local officials are working to eradicate this beetle from spreading. They have set up a specific perimeter that certain species of wood cannot cross. All of our employees have completed the ALB compliance training. That being said all of our wood is sourced outside the ALB eradication zone from residential, commercial, municipal and state trees that we remove as part of our everyday schedule.


asian long hored beetle

Q. When is my wood going to be delivered?

A. Our crews start delivering after Labor Day and the wood is typically delivered on Saturdays. Brian will contact you the Thursday or Friday prior to delivery to ensure you are ready to received delivery of the firewood.

Q. How do you know that is a cord of you loaded into the truck?

A. Brian Favreau, owner, has been in the firewood business for 22+ years. He loads each truck with a machine bucket. We have also calculated the capacity of each of our delivery trucks. When the wood is stacked one cord of wood measures four feet high by four feet wide by eight feet long and has a volume of 128 cubic feet. If the stacked wood does not meet or exceed this specification, we would love to know. We will come out view the amount received, how it was stacked and make it right.


We only take a specific number of orders prior to starting delivery after Labor Day as we want to make sure we have the supply to meet the demand. Typically, that quota is filled by mid-August.

Call today to reserve your cords of firewood 978-706-1038.

Nobody likes to be left out in the cold!

cold firewood West Boylston