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Tree Health Care Services

The best way to decide the overall condition of a tree is through regular checkups – just like you would with a doctor to stay healthy.  Tree care maintenance requires being able to identify an issue early to treat it.  Early detection is key to resolve some plant health problems.    For over 20 years Favreau Forestry has been providing tree care and maintenance programs to residents and property managers in and around Sterling, MA and the state of Massachusetts.  One of these important programs is called tree health care and it is just as it sounds.

Tree health care involves a skill set that enables proper diagnosis from examination of tree conditions ranging from soil to leaves.  For your free estimate on this specialized service call or e-mail Favreau Forestry today.

What Tree Health Care Is All About

Tree Health Care, often called Plant Health Care (PHC), involves a lot of science and a fair amount of logic.  As trees and plants receive their required nutrients from the soil they sit in, Certified Arborists learn a lot from soil samples.

A soil sample will undergo a number of tests in a laboratory to determine what is in the ground in and around your yard.  The first sign of health problems with trees is their appearance and that is an indication of an issue.

Discolored leaves, leaves that are curled up, bark and branches with lumps or other unusual formations are all signals trees are giving that they are not well.  For your free estimate on this tree care services call or e-mail Favreau Forestry today.

Solutions and Options

Once the problem with the health of a tree is identified, there are a number of possible solutions ranging from supplementation to removal.  Depending on the severity of the infection or condition, trees can be nursed back to health.

There are also times when a virus or tree pest attack is so serious that the only solution is to remove the tree.  This is typically the only way to prevent spreading the condition to other nearby trees or plants.

Regardless of what the diagnosis our Certified Arborists develop when examining your trees, they will offer you with affordable options.  Trying to figure our what ails a tree is best left to the professionals at Favreau Forestry.

Favreau Forestry has been serving the Sterling, MA area and the state of Massachusetts for over 20 years with a full complement of tree care and maintenance services, including risk assessment.  To learn more about Tree Healthcare, or for a free estimate, call or email today.

Tree Fertilization Massachusetts

Favreau Forestry has been serving the tree fertilization needs of residents in and around Sterling, MA including the entire state of Massachusetts for over 20 years.

Tree Fertilization is a necessary part of a tree’s natural growth cycle and plays a vital role in the health of trees.  There are many factors that decide when and why you would have to fertilize your trees.

Why Trees Require Fertilization

The main reason for fertilizing trees is to boost their immune system to protect them from various threats to their health.  Pest infestations, viruses and pollution can all have negative effects on trees and their health.

As these factors may disrupt growth patterns or produce more severe reactions it is necessary to protect trees with the help of fertilization.

Trees send our an extensive network of roots that search out the nutrients and water required to help them grow.  Typically trees do well on their own but sometimes – in settings such as urban landscapes – fertilization assists their growth.

The Other Details

There are certain times in a regular annual cycle when fertilization has more impact as well as certain times in a tree’s life.  Our Certified Arborists can examine your trees to determine what they need and when they need it.

Our team can assemble a seasonal schedule for you to make sure your trees are properly taken care of with a fertilization program.

Just as you would add fertilizer to potted plants as well as to your garden to increase production, you will want to do the same for trees.  This is especially true for trees that produce a crop you depend on each year.

Favreau Forestry has been serving the Sterling, MA region and the state of Massachusetts for over 20 years with a full services tree care and maintenance business.  For a free estimate on fertilization or any of our services, including firewood delivery, call or email today.

Tree Risk Assessment

Favreau Forestry has been providing Tree Risk Assessment services before it was even a coined phrase in the industry!

Trees can grow tall and large and while they are mainly beautiful and provide much enjoyment they cam also become a hazard.  Proper tree risk assessment can eliminate potential danger in various circumstances.  Click here for a general Tree Risk Assessment Form.  Contact our ISA Certified Arborist to review the results of your checklist.

Different Kinds of Tree Risks

In order to manage hazards and risks with trees a number of factors come into play as part of the site inspection.  The age of the tree will carry a lot of weight during assessment as older trees typically have higher risks.

Older trees depending on their species, can produce damage from falling branches that have broken off in a storm.  Other potential hazards come from the growth pattern of a tree – branches growing into power lines, for example.

In many cases a pruning and trimming program can reduce much of the risk from dangerous trees.  However, in circumstances where these programs are not going to have as great an impact, tree removal may be the best solution.

Tree risk assessment is not only for identifying existing problems, but also for long term planning and potential issues.  For a free estimate on this services, call or e-mail Favreau Forestry today.

When In Doubt, Contact a Professional

Due to dangers involved in some locations, tree risk assessment is a job best left for the professionals.  Our Certified Arborists have the knowledge and tools that allow them to identify and remove potential risks before they can harm anyone.

Call Favreau Forestry for your free estimate – 978-706-1038.

In Worcester County and statewide those professionals are the hard working crews at Favreau Forestry.  We’ve been serving the entire state for over 20 years with a full service tree care and maintenance business and we look forward to serving you.

For a free estimate on tree risk assessment or any of our other services just call or e-mail us today at 978-706-1038.  We can help make your residential, commercial, municipal or state agency property look it very best!