Crew Safety

At Favreau Forestry we take crew safety and well-being very serious.  Favreau Forestry mandates all employees to wear all of their Personal Protective Equipment including:safety-chainsaw

  • Hard Hat – Our crews wear hard hats that have wireless communications system utilizing state of the are Bluetooth technology.  They give a crystal clear link between crew members as well as providing protection to our crews.
  • Ear Protection – Integrated into our fabulous helmet communication systems is hearing protection to make sure our crew members will be able to hear a whisper in their later years.
  • Eye Protection – Crew members are required to wear Z.133 rated safety glasses.  These prevent eye injuries and saw dust from getting into the crew’s eyes.
  • Safety Vest – Although not required by law Favreau Forestry requires crew members wear high visibility vests.  Our crew members need to be visible not only to each other also but when they are unloading equipment in the road.
  • Steel Toed Boots – The brush and debris that is dealt with all day in our field requires your toes and feet to be protected.  Steel toed boots offer more protection.


Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIR)

Each driver must complete an inspection of their vehicle before departure each morning.  Therefore as part of the driver’s walk around he must check fluid levels, tire pressure, make sure lights are functioning, all tools are secured, etc.  This is for the protection of our crew members and all that use the roads.


Tailgate Safety Meeting – Every Monday afternoon our entire company meets for a safety meeting lead by one of our TCIA Certified Treecare Safety Professional (CTSP).  The topics range from latest developments in our field, new equipment available, furthering knowledge on current equipment, hands on training, industry accidents, etc.

Equipment Training – Monthly our crews meet to be trained on new equipment.  The person who typically operates this piece of equipment leads the class.  The crew members learn the ins and outs of each piece of equipment and job title.