Storm Damage

When Mother Nature brings damage to our area Favreau Forestry of Sterling, MA can help.  Our crews can mobilize in a short time to be able to give aid to the areas effected.  We offer quick organized storm debris cleanup.

Falling trees are dangerous in any situation, but if you have trees that have storm damage from a weather event, they are even more dangerous.  Quick and orderly cleanup after a storm requires a number of skills only experienced Arborists and crews can provide.  Favreau’s team has extensive experience with storm cleanup projects.  First from your first call or email into our office our dedicated and knowledgeable staff will guide you through this difficult time.  Your call will be prioritized to minimize further property damage and risk to people on site.Storm-damage-fitchburg

Not only must we make swift decisions related to damage assessment, we also need to act fast to reduce the amount of damage to your property.  Our crews have the knowledge and training to start the cleaning process upon arrival.


For our municipal clients this service is composed of triaging areas for access, opening up roadways, debris removal including removal of trees on buildings, general tree removal, hazard tree trimming and pruning etc.  Any kind of severe weather event leaves behind a level of destruction if left alone will become a greater hazard to property and people as the damaged trees break and fall.


Tree Hazard Checklist

Have not been affected by a storm yet?  Look at our Storm Season Hazard Checklist!  Learn ways to be proactive when Mother Nature comes to call!  Structural pruning and tree trimming proactively can save you money, time and headaches by avoiding future storm damage.

Favreau Forestry is an emergency Storm Damage Clean Up Company based in Sterling, MA covering all of Worcester County, Middlesex County, state of Massachusetts and surrounding areas when needed.

Storm Damage Has Many Causes

Remember the damage caused by:

  • Ice Storm of 2008
  • October Snowstorm
  • Hurricanes
  • Blizzards
  • Hail storms
  • Heavy rain
  • Strong winds

As a TCIA Accredited tree service, Favreau Forestry has 20+ years of experience in storm damage clean up efforts and tree services in central Massachusetts and throughout the state of Massachusetts.  Storm debris can be anything from branches to complete trees – we handle it all.

How We Handle Storm Damage

As soon as we arrive on scene we will start cleaning up debris in an effort to reduce the amount of property damage to your home and/or property.  This will involve branch and tree cutting and removing debris from the site.  Our techniques combined with well maintained  state of the art equipment like aerial lifts, cranes and mechanical brush handling equipment ensure a smooth process from start to finish.

Some of the work will be handled from the ground while other larger clean up projects requiring heavy equipment including aerial lift trucks and cranes.  Our storm cleanup crew has the training and skill to do the job quickly and safely.

Storm damage clean up can affect any kind of property including private residential, commercial, and government clients.

Details of Insurance

Storm damage to property typically includes insurance claims and issues related to coverage. At Favreau Forestry we will make sure that you will receive the precise paperwork you will need to handle insurance claims.

For more information on storm cleanup or any of our tree care services call or email today!