Stump-grinding-harvardStump Grinding for Removal

Stumps are unsightly tripping hazards and are difficult to mow around!  Stump removal improves the safety and aesthetic quality of your yard and allows for replanting of the area.  Nothing beats stump grinding as the fastest and most efficient way to remove an old tree stump from your yard.  Bothersome stumps don’t stand a chance when faced with a stump grinder operated by a Favreau Forestry crew member!

What is Stump Grinding?

Stump grinding and stump removal is a straight forward process.  A high-powered stump grinder is brought in to literally grind down the stump, 8″-12″ below the ground level (sometimes lower depending in what will be done in the area.)


Why Remove Stumps and Roots?

There are many hidden hazards in your yard; don’t let stumps be one of them!  They can also be in the way if you have renovations planned!  Favreau Forestry recommends not only the removal of the stump but the visible root system as well.  Above ground roots are more than just unsightly, they are often the culprits of cracked foundations, sidewalks and driveways and damage underground pipes.  Older homes are especially prone to tree root damage as fine root hairs probe for moisture, find the wet clay based sewer drainage lines and work at the joints to break apart the pipes.


How does a Stump Grinder work?

A trained operator passes the rotating wheel back and forth across the top surface of the stump which causes it to chop into the stump.  The size of the stump is Cost Stump Grindreduced with each pass until the blade reaches to just below the ground level. The stump grinder produces a large amount of wood shavings as a result of the grinding process.  The shavings, combined with dirt from the bottom of the stump project become mulch that can be recycled back into your yard.

If the thought of relocating the wood shavings does not interest you or overwhelms you our crew members can then remove them for you.

What does Stump Grinding cost?

The first stump grinding cost factor is typically the size.  Additional factors that also determine the stump grinding price is the number of stumps to grind while onsite, root flares to be ground, obstacles near the stump, access to the location, etc.  To receive a free quote on the stump grinding cost call Favreau Forestry today 978-706-1038!


Favreau Forestry’s tree stump grinding machines

When removing a tree stump from virtually any location the stump grinder is the tool of choice.  As a result of much research Favreau Forestry has chosen the most effective stump grinders to utilize for your job!  Our fleet features two styles of stump grinders:

Our primary work horse is a Vermeer SC1102 since it has a vertically mounted rotating wheel that does all the serious work in stump removal.  This 110 horsepower machine has a 90″ wide cutting arc that chews the stump to small mulch like pieces.


Tight Space?Stump-grind-morbark-d86

This Morbark D-86 stump grinder is a self-propelled, tracked machine that can virtually travel anywhere.  The D-86 has the ability to fit through fence gates as narrow as 36″.  This machine exerts only 4.4 psi on the ground surface.  The D-86’s compact size enables it to access the tightest locations! Check out our video of the Morbark D-86 in action!




Favreau Forestry of Sterling, MA has offered various tree care services including stump grinding to Worcester County and surrounding area residents, including all of Massachusetts, for over 20 years.

For a free stump grinding cost analysis contact Favreau Forestry for a free estimate!