The emergency alert tones are sounding on the TV the hurricane is making a direct hit in our part of the state. The wind is howling, trees are bending, the rain is hitting the house sideways and the kids are building a fort to protect them from the disaster.

Massachusetts Tree Removal disaster

Even at a young age humans prepare for things that could go wrong. But are you preparing the correct way?

There is the standard list that is always broadcast:

  • Flashlights
  • Batteries
  • Candles
  • Water
  • Non-perishable food
  • Fuel in your car, etc.


What about the less common issues?

  • What if a branch goes through your car windshield?
  • What if a tree falls on your house penetrating the roof?
  • Do you have the equipment to remove the tree? A crane, bucket truck, chainsaw, Personal Protective Equipment and the knowledge and experience to work with tension filled piles of wood?
  • Do you have a tarp large enough to cover the hole to prevent water damage from the rain in your house?

Most people answer No. That is ok as long as you have Favreau Forestry on your team!

So, what can you do as a homeowner to prepare for the above disasters? The first step is to be proactive.

Have an ISA Certified Arborist walk your property to evaluate the trees.

Based on the recommendations our crews can:

  • Remove mass from the tree to lighten the strain on the tree
  • Trim peripheral branches of the canopy to reduce friction and wind catch during a storm
  • Trim the tree to provide clearance for the building
  • Cable a co-dominant stem to reduce the risk of included bark failure
  • Remove the tree entirely if deemed a safety hazard or drama generator.

If the above scenario happens have Favreau Forestry’s contact information readily available. During a natural disaster or severe storm, we monitor all avenues to contact us as we know phone calls are not always and option. Our staff monitors our contact form on our website, email, social media accounts including Facebook and of course phone calls. Once dispatched our crews will arrive onsite remove the tree and tarp the area if needed.
Go outside your fort and look around to see if you can be proactive protecting your assets and the priceless things in your fort.

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