Stumps and wiffleball games don’t always mix – we have the solution!

Conversation with a customer:  I am so tired of looking at the stumps in my backyard. They are a pain to mow around, they get in the way of wiffleball games and are attracting creepy crawly bugs! I can’t have the stumps ground because my yard is fenced in. I have no options…

Don’t let that stump stump you!  Where there is a will there is a way!

Favreau Forestry has invested in the solution.  Last year we added a Morkbark D-86 to our fleet.  It is a great functional addition!


What makes it great you ask?  The Morbark D-86 is a self, propelled tracked stump grinding machine.  Basically, it is a giant remote controlled piece of machinery that has tracks that slide under the chassis to allow it to fit through 36” gates then expand out to stabilize the machine while it is grinding.


The cherry on top of this purchase was that we learned that one of our crew members raced RC cars semi-professional in his younger years!   He is now our Morbark D-86 stump grinder operator.

Our fleet also has a more powerful tow behind Vermeer 1102A that we utilize primarily for municipal stump grinding.

Vermeer Stump Grinder

Now imagine that wiffleball game being able to fully run the bases without bobbing, weaving and worrying about those skinned knees or the future big leaguers falling head first into the stump!

grass tree ball stump

Do you have a stump you would like to see disappear?

Call 978-706-1038 and we will provide you with a proposal.

Want to learn more about stump grinding?  Check out our Stump Grinding page!

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