Q: I saw your company trimming trees by the power lines. Why do you leave them so ugly?

A: This is a question that we field from time to time. The answer is we adhere to ANSI Z133.1 safety work procedures and comply with OSHA Regulation specifications. Fast growing trees such as Poplar, Plicata Arborvitae or Eastern White Pine are pruned back 10-15 feet. Slower growing trees such as White Oak or Maple do not have to be trimmed back as much so they are pruned to 10 feet wire clearance. When our crews prune we look at requirements, tree heath and lastly aesthetics. As stated above we are required to trim to the electrical company’s specs. Often time we trim the trees back to the proper union which could be a scaffolding branch, parent branch or a lateral branch for the tree’s health. This prevents hydro sprouts that will interfere with the wires due to their rapid growth rate.  To the right is a picture of hydro sprouts.

Q. Also, why do you only trim around the top wires on the pole?

A. To answer your second question – Favreau Forestry’s contract is typically with the electrical company. The top wires on the pole are the wires that carry electricity. Our mission is to clear a 10’ on either side of the pole and 15’ above. The bottom lines are cable and phone wires. Cable and phone companies typically have rental agreements with the Electrical companies for use of the pole but not the maintenance of the wires. That falls to the cable and phone companies’ respectively.

So in a nutshell our primary objective is to prune to prevent power outages from tree and branch failure for the electrical grid or circuit for which we have been contracted.