1. Why create a super highway to share your five-star dwelling with local critters?

Which is more comfortable? A hollowed-out hole in a tree or your climate controlled, dry, protected from the elements house? Clearly the answer is your house.

When branches are allowed to touch or be within a few feet of your house it gives critters a direct route to share your house! Prune branches back from your house creating a buffer zone to prevent an animal from crossing over or jumping onto the roof.

2. Rubbing and scraping hurts!

In New England wind is almost a daily occurrence whether it is a light breeze or gusting 50+ mph winds. Even just the tips of the branches rubbing vinyl siding, cedar shakes or brick will wear it down and cause damage. Color matching and replacing vinyl is a pain, cedar shakes take years to weather to the same color and replacing the brick is nearly impossible.

3. A tree needs water and will reach anywhere close by to get it…

A tree’s roots will split a rock to seek out water. The foundation of your house retains water. A tree’s root will seek structural deficiencies in your foundation and capitalize on them. Also known as penetrate and crack your foundation.

4. The house needs room to breathe or it will be moldy and slimy – yuck!

You should have a minimum of 10 feet vegetation to house clearance. If the vegetation is encroaching on the dwelling or building it shades the house and inhibits air flow.

Being proactive will save you money in critter removal, foundation repairs and siding replacement.

Trim the branches away from your house!

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